Research Interests

I am interested in mathematical modeling and evolution of infectious diseases, computational dynamical systems, Bayesian MCMC and optimization.  My research goals include advancing the understanding of infectious diseases and helping public health policy makers through my work.

Current Projects

1. Strategies for containing Ebola virus disease in West Africa.
2. Evaluating feasibility of using pharmaceutical interventions to curtail Ebola outbreak.
3. Modeling Human African Trypanosomaisis (HAT) and accessing the current control measures.
4. Impacts of introducing dengue vaccine and accessing its effects.

Selected Publications

A. Pandey, A. Mubayi, J. Medlock. Comparing vector-host and SIR models for dengue transmission.
A. Pandey, J. Medlock. The introduction of dengue vaccine may temporarily cause large spikes in prevalence.

Selected Talks